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Learn how to create, sell and manage vouchers through the Point-of-Sale system

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As a business owner, one of the most important metrics you can measure is your “customer lifetime value”, or CLV. In simple terms, the lifetime value of a customer is the total profit (revenues minus cost) he generates for your business during his entire life as your client.

There are many things you can do to improve this metric, but all of it fundamentally boils down to two activities:

  1. Getting your clients to visit you more often (both more frequently and for a longer “lifetime”)

  2. Selling more products and services during each visit.

We’re very excited to announce a powerful new feature that will help you do both: we call it Series Vouchers!

A series voucher, also known as a loyalty voucher, is a prepaid coupon that enables customers to purchase multiple appointments or services in advance. This voucher type is designed to offer customers discounts or special offers for pre-purchasing multiple appointments or services. For instance, a customer could purchase a series voucher for five sessions with a massage therapist or a hair salon, allowing them to enjoy a discounted rate for each appointment.

Follow along to learn how to create, sell and manage vouchers through Noona HQ.

How to create your first voucher

Creating your first voucher is easy. First, navigate to 'New Sale', then select 'Vouchers', and click on 'Create vouchers'. From there, you can choose between a series voucher and a single service voucher.

For a series voucher, you can select the services you want to offer, determine the number of sessions included, and set a retail price for the voucher. The retail price will determine the discount amount offered to customers.

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Select the service(s)

  2. Choose the number of sessions included

  3. See the total cost without the voucher

  4. Enter the fixed amount for the entire package

For a single service voucher, you only need to select the retail price. This can be the same as the value price or you can add a discount as well. The steps are:

  1. Select the service

  2. See the total cost without the voucher

  3. Enter the fixed amount for the entire package

With these steps, you can easily create vouchers and start offering them to your customers.

To add more vouchers later on go to Settings ➡️ Vouchers.

Please note that currently, it is not possible to delete single or series vouchers that have already been created. Additionally, services that have been associated with a voucher cannot be deleted at this time.

How to sell a voucher through the Point-of-Sale system

When selling a single voucher or a series of vouchers, you have two options: you can either proceed directly to the appointment itself or initiate a new sale. When you reach the checkout stage and the services offered have a linked voucher, it will appear under the upsells section. Additionally, you can access all existing vouchers by navigating to the vouchers tab within the checkout page.

Offering the option for clients to redeem their purchased voucher immediately at checkout is a significant selling point. They can instantly receive a discount on the service they are just had, which enhances the overall customer experience.

Send the voucher to your client via email

When you send the voucher email to your client, they will receive a detailed overview of their purchase. The email will include information about the number of sessions and the specific services they have purchased, among other details. If the voucher was bought as a gift, the recipient will have the option to either forward the email or print out the PDF version.

Using a voucher

When a client comes in for an appointment and wishes to use their voucher, the process is simple. First, open the appointment, proceed to checkout, and select 'Series vouchers' under the 'Credit' payment method. Once selected, an invoice for the sale will be generated.

Additionally, you can keep track of a client's remaining vouchers by accessing their appointment details.

The overview of all sold vouchers

Under Sales ➡️ Vouchers, you can access a comprehensive overview of all the sold vouchers. This section provides detailed information, including the type of voucher (such as single, series, or purchased through the Noona app), the number of remaining sessions for a series voucher, the purchase date, client details, and a unique voucher code for each. This information allows for easy tracking and management of all sold vouchers.

Important points for the accountant

According to the laws governing the sale of gift cards and series vouchers, the seller must pay taxes on the cards during the period in which they are sold. Sales tax is also applied when the voucher is used. To ensure the seller pays VAT only once, the accountant can access the "Gift vouchers" report to nullify the sales tax based on usage.

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