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How To Add Products and Create a Product List?
How To Add Products and Create a Product List?

Here you'll learn how to add products to the Point-of-Sale

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Products are another way to increase revenue and provide fantastic customer service. Luckily, at Noona, we've made selling products alongside your services as easy as possible.

Adding products to your Point-of-Sale is very easy and It is a lot similar to adding services. Follow the instructions below or watch the video below to find out how.

Firstly, you'll need to go to Sales ➡️ Products

Create your first product

To create a product, you must give it at least a name, price, and vat %

However, you can also change the parent category and barcode. A parent category makes your products easier to find when added to the checkout screen, so we recommend you add some categories if you have more than 4 services.

To add a parent category, click "New", just like you are to add a product, but then press "Product group". You can then enter the name, colour and all the pre-existing products you want to be in that category. You can also add a description!

You can categorise your products in any way you want, but most of the time it's either categorised by product type or brand - take your pick!

Hopefully, your product list will look something like this when you're finished!

Using your phone?

Here is how you can add a new product:

... and here is how you can sell that product through the Noona HQ app:

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