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Managing your business operations has never been easier with Noona's HQ user-friendly Point-of-Sale (POS) system. Whether you're creating invoices, selling gift and series vouchers, or offering a range of products to your customers, our POS system has got you covered. It also stores all your client information in one centralized location, making it efforless for you to offer amazing customer service.

In this help article, we'll cover the basics of our POS system, and you can always visit our help center for more information. The best part is that you no longer need an old-fashioned cashier – just a computer or even your phone will suffice.

To get started with our POS system, you'll need to add products and set prices for your services. Click here to learn how to add prices to your services if you haven't done that already.

How to create your first sale though an appointment

Once you've set up your products and prices, creating your first sale is a breeze. You can either create a sale through the appointment itself or by clicking 'New Sale' in the bottom right corner.

How to create a sale

  1. Open up the appointment you want to check out

  2. Click Check out

  3. Add products or series voucher/gift card to the sale ➡️ then click check out again

  4. Pick the payment method

  5. Click Close checkout or Book again

  6. When you have closed the checkout you'll see that the appointment that you checked out has a small circle with a check mark in it.

You can also make a sale that is not connected to any client, fx. walk-ins that are just buying products. To do that you click the New Sale button down in the right corner.


If you hover over to the sidebar and go to Sales ➡️ Invoices, you can find all invoices that have been made.

You can download the summary for each month and do an advanced search if you need to fx. you just want to see the summary of invoices for one specific staff member or client.

You can as well change the period that you are looking for. Click the date and then pick what period you want to see.


Create your first product

Go to Sale ➡️ Products. Here is where you'll have an overview of all your products. The product list works a lot like the service list and is very easy to use. If you have not made any products you can click Create your first product.

There are two required pieces of information to add a product: the name and the price. When you have added that in and clicked save, your new product should pop up in the product list. The next thing to do is to make the product categories.

Create your product category

To create a product category/group, click the + New button in the upper right corner.

You can also make a product group under another product group and even drag your products inside a product group! Go and play around with this amazing feature ✨

Can I add a barcode to products?

Yes, you can! Adding a barcode to every product will make the checkout process so much easier! Just open up the product again - click the barcode box and then scan the product you have by hand. The number should automatically fill the blank box and then when you go to the check out you can easily scan the product and it will be added to the sale.


We have a lot of different reports for you to get the whole picture of how your business is going. Click here to learn how to use the reports.


You can keep track of all your vouchers inside of Noona HQ. This will make it so easy for you to never lose any voucher you have sold. You can both sell single (gift cards) and series vouchers straight through the sale system. Here you can find a detailed article that goes over how to create, sell and manage vouchers. You can as well have the option to sell gift vouchers straight through the Noona app. Click here to learn how to activate selling gift vouchers through the Noona app.

Hope this helps and don't hesitate to reach out via the little chat bubble down in the right corner if you have any questions or ideas! We would love to hear from you 💛

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