Here we go over the permissions you can choose from for your staff members or other roles in your company

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In Noona HQ you can find many different permissions for each role. The permissions are mostly self-explanatory but it can be confusing trying to understand them all, hopefully this help article can make it easier.
You can edit these permissions by going to Settings → Roles
And remember: you can always add new roles with their own permissions.
Your clients cannot see these roles on their Noona app.
Want to start by learning more about the roles? Click here to read the help article

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Calendar Permissions

When it comes to the calendar there are 10 permissions to choose from.

  1. Can view all calendars: Should staff members be able to see the calendars of their co-workers?

  2. Can manage own appointments and clients: If this is checked, staff members can create their own appointments, edit them, and delete them if needed.

  3. Can manage own blocked times: should staff members be able to create, edit and delete their own blocked times?
    Click here to learn more about blocked times

  4. Can manage all appointments: allows staff members to create, edit or delete appointments for their coworkers.

  5. Can manage all blocked times: allows staff members to create, edit or delete blocked times on their coworker's calendar.

  6. Can view colleagues notifications: allow staff members to see when their co-workers get online bookings

  7. Can view wait-list entries for colleagues: ...

  8. Can view memo entries of colleagues: ...

  9. Can manage all bookable resources: allow staff members to create, edit or delete resources.

  10. Can manage all services: allow staff members to create, edit or delete services
    Click here to learn how to create a service

Clients Permissions

There are 8 permissions to choose from in regard to clients.

  1. Can view and manage all clients: should staff members be able to see and change the information about their coworkers' clients? This includes the names of the clients and all other information about that client

  2. Can view and manage the contact information of own clients:...

  3. Can view and manage personal identification numbers of own clients:...

  4. Can view and manage the contact information of all clients: The contact information is the client's phone number and email

  5. Can view and manage personal identification numbers of all clients:...

  6. Can view and manage event notes in client history with other staff members: The event notes are often used to store important information about that specific client.

  7. Can view and manage notes about clients that are not his own: depending on the type of services offered this can either be personal information about the client or something other staff members can benefit from knowing as well

  8. Can manage SMS messages: This means that staff members can use Noona HQ to send out SMS messages to clients

Users Permissions

Right now there is only one permission regarding users

  1. Can access staff list, manage users and invite new ones: this allows staff members to invite new staff, delete staff members and manage for example what services the staff member offers and what they look like on the noona app (picture and description)

Sales Permissions

The sales permissions are only relevant for the ones that are using Noona POS or have their no-show claims activated. If you are not using Noona POS just send us a line and we can help you get it started!
If you want to activate your no-show claims just press HomeNo-shows → click the blue "Sign up for no-show protection"

There are 5 permissions in this category:

  1. Can manage products (create, edit, delete): this includes changing the name, price and barcode of products

  2. Can issue invoices in his/her own name: this is important if staff members are working as contractors

  3. Can create no-show claims on behalf of the company: this allows staff members to send no-show claims when their customers don't show up

  4. Can see their own invoices:...

  5. Can see all issued invoices:...

Reports Permissions

These permissions are also only relevant for those who are using Noona POS, gift vouchers or no-show fees.
To activate the gift vouchers you can go to Online bookings → Scroll down until you see Gift vouchers → check the box in front of "Allow clients to buy gift vouchers online"
The reports can be located under SalesReports, Noona HQ offers a variety of ways to break down the reports

  1. Can see all reports: the staff member can see all of the different reports available, such as product sales, service sales...

  2. Can see reports for their own sales: allows staff members to see their own sales reports but no one else's

  3. Can access analytics: the analytics are located under Dashboard. There you can for example see how many appointments have been made, how many SMS reminders have been sent out and so on

Outlets Permissions

This is only relevant for the companies that are located in more than one location (have more than one outlet)
Click here to learn more about how to create new outlets

  1. Can manage locations (create, edit, delete): allows staff members to create new outlets

Settings Permissions

There are 7 settings permissions, for example whether or not this role should be able to change the permissions we are looking into now!

  1. Can manage roles and permissions (create, edit, delete): this is what we are looking into in this article

  2. Can manage calendar settings: for example the time slots it is broken into, when it starts and when it ends...

  3. Can manage online bookings settings: this controls what the company looks like on the Noona app

  4. Can manage all subscriptions: allows staff members to subscribe or unsubscribe to Noona HQ

  5. Can manage all POS settings: in the POS settings you set the SSN on the invoices, the default VAT percentage, and so on

  6. Can manage all check-in settings: relevant for those using Noona Check-in

  7. Can control which sections require PIN entry: it is possible to create a restricted section that you need a PIN code to enter. This can be done to restrict access to reports, invoices and dashboard

That's it for now, but don't hesitate to reach out to us through the chat bubble if you have any further questions ❤️

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