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Learn how you can start selling gift vouchers through the Noona app

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Gift vouchers are a great way to add a new revenue stream to your business and for Noona HQ users there's no better place to sell them than on Noona.

Please note that unfortunately, this feature is only available in Iceland right now but we of course plan on offering this in other countries as well.

How do I activate my gift cards? 🤩

It’s easy to get started. The only thing you need is an active “settlement bank account”, which you can configure inside of the online booking settings inside of Noona HQ. This is done by going into Online bookings → Scroll down until you see Gift vouchers → Click Sell gift vouchers online → Click Get online gift vouchers → Add in the information of the settlement bank account and you are ready to go! 🎉

Now we instantly start “upselling” your gift vouchers to your loyal customers in the Noona app.

For example, everyone that has added you to their “favorites” on Noona will see your vouchers on the homescreen of their app, and once people book an appointment they will be told that you are selling gift vouchers on the “confirmation screen” that they see after booking an appointment.

Where can I find sold gift vouchers? 👀

Under Sales → Vouchers you will be able to see all of your sold gift vouchers. They are marked with 4 different tags depending on their status:

  1. Never used

  2. Partly used

  3. Fully used

  4. Expired (they last for 3 years)

How do I use gift vouchers? 🤔

When you get a client that wants to use their gift voucher you can either go to SalesGift vouchers → Select "Use voucher" and put in the code or you can checkout the client as you do normally and choose gift voucher as a payment method there.

Note that the second method is only possible if you are using Noona POS.

What about the Settlements?

After a gift voucher has been sold you can find the settlement under SalesSettlements.

As always if you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to us ❤️

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