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Connect your Teya payments terminal to Noona HQ

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Connecting a payments terminal to Noona can be a game changer for your business. It streamlines the checkout process and gets rid of the possibility for a discrepancy in your terminal reading and that of your Point of Sale.

In this article we will explain everything you need to know to use the payment terminal connection. This includes:

  • Steps to connect your Teya terminal to the Noona HQ Point of Sale

  • How to use it in the checkout flow

  • How to give refunds

Firstly, you will need to purchase the Point of Sale power up inside of the Noona HQ settings. To do this go to settings ➡️ subscriptions ➡️ Point of Sale.

Getting a Teya terminal

For your payments terminal to connect to the Noona Point of Sale, you will need to be using a Teya payment terminal.

We have partnered up with Teya, a company that focusses on providing simple and effective payments solutions for small to medium sized businesses. Teya's mission is to "arm local businesses with the payment solution they deserve" and seek to "reconnect you with the joy of running your business."

To enquire about a Teya payments terminal, visit their website here.

Connecting the terminal

Now that you have your Teya terminal and the Point of Sale power up, you are ready to connect!


  • The user has a working PAX A920 Teya terminal

  • Terminal needs to be running on version 2.5.1 or later, indicated at the bottom of the screen after clicking the settings (gear) icon on the top left of the terminal screen

  • Terminal has ePOS cloud feature enabled. To enable this go to settings-> Manage Features -> enable ePOS cloud

  • Point of Sale power up needs to be unlocked on Noona HQ. To do this, go to settings on NoonaHQ -> Subscriptions -> Point of Sale -> add details (if merchant gets this discounted then will be discounted accordingly.

Step 1: Open settings on Noona HQ (in browser NOT in desktop/tablet/mobile app)

Step 2: Under the “Sales” section click “Payment Methods”

Step 3: Click “get terminal”. Once clicked, a page should appear

Step 4: Click “request Payment Terminal”. You will then be prompted to authenticate with Teya. Enter your Teya account email address and password.

Step 5: You will then be redirected back to Noona HQ. Click “Connect Terminal”

Step 6: Click on the terminal you want to connect

Step 7: Terminal is now ready to be used in the checkout flow

IF multiple terminals are connected, you will pick which terminal to use in checkout flow

How to Use terminal in checkout flow

Step 1: Click on the appointment in the calendar you want to check out

Step 2: Press “Checkout”

Step 3: If any products, click on products and it will add to total checkout amount.

Step 4: Press the blue “checkout *amount*” button at the bottom of screen

Step 5: Press “Payment card”

Step 6: If multiple terminals are connected, you will then be asked to choose which terminal you want to use.

Step 7: If “Pay at Counter Mode” is enabled, terminal will appear with payment options for customer to use automatically. If “pay at Counter mode” is disabled, customer will have to press the top right icon (shown below). Then payment can be taken.

How to Refund a customer:

If “enable Pay at counter mode” is on then start at step 1. If Pay at Counter mode is disabled, then skip straight to step 4

Step 1: Go to settings on the terminal

Step 2: Go to “Manage Features”

Step 3: Switch off “Enable Pay at Counter Mode”. Then go back to terminal home screen

Step 4: Carry out refund as you would on a normal Teya Terminal

Step 5: Then, re-enable “Pay at Counter Mode” (if “Pay at Counter Mode” was enabled before)

Step 5: Then, go to the appointment on Noona HQ

Step 6: Click on the appointment/invoice (found under “Sales” -> “Invoices” in menu) you want to refund. Press “invoice”, then press “refund”. Customer will now be refunded and Noona HQ will register the refund in reports.

“Enable Pay at Counter Mode”

If merchant wants the option to use terminal independently from the NoonaHQ ePOS, then they should turn off the “Enable Pay at Counter Mode”. Then customers will have the option to use the terminal outside of Noona HQ. NOTE: if this is disabled, reports on Noona HQ may not be accurate. We advise customers to have “enable Pay at Counter Mode” turned on. In this case reports will be 100% accurate and reliable. It will also go straight to payment option on terminal after pressing “Payment card” instead of merchant having to press top right button.

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