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Is it possible to connect the calendar to Outlook?
Is it possible to connect the calendar to Outlook?

Used to using your Outlook calendar and would love to your appointments there?

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It is unfortunately only possible to make an integration from Noona HQ to Google Calendar. The sync is one way, meaning that your events in Google Calendar will not flow over to your Noona calendar but your appointments in Noona will sync over to Google. If you are using Google Calendar and want to learn more about this integration I recommend that you click here to read that help article.

So what can you do?

A possible way to get around this is to first use the Google Calendar integration and from there connect that calendar to your Outlook calendar.

The first step is to go to SettingsIntegrations → Click "Sync calendar" and log into your Google account

Now when you open your Google Calendar you should be able to see on the left a new tab under "My calendars" called Noona appointments

This is the calendar you want to sync over using the method that is shown in the video below:

Good luck and as always if you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to us through the chat bubble 💬❤️

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