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Learn how to moving, changing duration and copying / pasting appointmens as well as marking them as "showed up" or "no-showed"

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Noona's calendar is full of shortcuts designed to make your life a bit simpler. It's all in the details, right?

In this article, we'll go over how you can:

Let's dive in!

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Moving Appointments

There are two ways to move an appointment:

  1. Drag & Drop (faster and easier)

  2. Clicking on move (better if you want move far into the future)

Drag & drop

Wether your using Noona HQ on a computer or on the mobile app, the simplest way to move an appointment is to drag & drop.

After moving the appointment, we ask whether or not you want to notify your client about this move. If you decide to do so - the client will receive an email with information about the newly moved appointment.

If you prefer to use your phone, you just need to tap the appointment you want to move a bit harder than you normally do to drag & drop it.

Moving an appointment on the Noona HQ mobile app

The "Move" button

You can either access the move button by right-clicking the appointment (works only on a computer) or by opening the appointment and clicking on move.

This is a way better way to move appointments if you need to move an appointment across weeks.

The move button works the same regardless of whether you're using the Noona HQ app or a computer.

Changing Duration

There are two ways to change the duration of an appointment:

  1. Dragging from the end of the appointment straight from the calendar

  2. Changing the duration inside the appointment

1. Dragging

To change the duration of an appointment, both on mobile and computer, straight from the calendar, you can tug on the bottom of the appointment, like so:

Making appointments longer on Noona HQ

2. Changing the duration inside the appointment

It's also super simple to click the appointment, and change it's duration from within the appointment menu.

Copy & paste appointments

My favourite feature! It's a great feature to use when you want to quickly book someone to the same service again.

It's very simple to copy & paste appointments. You can either:

  1. Right click the appointment and click "copy"

  2. You can press the appointment, and from within there press copy.

Right click the appointment

From within the Appointment

Again, very simple. Just click on the appointment, and you can't miss it.

Mark appointments as "showed up" or "no-showed"

An absolute must if you want to build a great database of customers. You need to know who regularly no-shows, and who never does - right?

You can mark an appointment with a status in two different ways:

  1. Right click and select the status you want.

  2. Do it from inside the appointment

Right click the appointment

And you'll be greeted with this:
Now the question is, was it a no-show or a show-up?

From within the appointment

Again - so simple 😊

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