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All you need to know about SMS reminders
All you need to know about SMS reminders

What the reminders say, when they are sent and how you can send them without lifting a finger.

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What are reminders?

No-shows are one of the biggest reasons businesses like yours lose revenue.

To reduce no-shows, Noona HQ sends SMS messages automatically that remind your customers of their appointments.

We like to call those messages reminders.

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What does the reminder say?

This is what a normal reminder looks like.

In the example below, the salon name is "Noona", but your reminders will of course include the name of your business instead of Noona.

If you have online bookings turned on, the last sentence gets added to your message to get your customers to start booking online 😉

When does Noona HQ send reminders?

Noona HQ sends reminders around noon (12:00) the day before the appointment.

You don't have to lift a finger to send reminders. Noona HQ does it automatically for you if:

1. A phone number is attached to the appointment

2. The "SMS" checkbox is selected

Are reminders trustworthy?

Of course! We have over 99.9% delivery rate.

But sometimes reminders don't make it to your customer. That only happens if:
1. The phone no. is not correct

2. If the customer has his phone turned off or has no signal

If the phone is turned off or has no signal, we try to send the reminder every 10 minutes until it's received, so he should get his reminder as soon as he's back in town. 😊

Check out reminders that you've sent

Inside of Noona HQ, you can see the reminders you've sent in the past.

If you go to messages and status, you can see them all - and even see if they were sent successfully.

If the message was delivered, the dot in the top right corner is green. If not, it's red.

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