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Create your first appointment
Create your first appointment

Here you'll learn how to create your first appointment and all the you need to know about appointments in the calendar

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In this help article, we will go over how to create your first appointment, how to connect it to services, add notes, and more.

The calendar is where you spend most of your time and book all of your appointments. Start by clicking an available timeslot where you want to book your first appointment.

Enter base information about your client

This is where you gather all the base information about your clients.

  • Name

  • Phone number

  • Social ID number

  • Email

As soon as you start typing, we start making suggestions based on clients that have visited you. If no one is found after you enter a name, phone number, or email, we assume you want to create a new client.

The new client will be automatically saved in your client list when you book the appointment.

Select a service

Once you have selected a client, or if you are creating a new one, the only other thing you have to select to be able to book an appointment is the service.

If you are starting out, we've created at least one service for you. If you want to learn to create your own services, click here.

When you have selected the service, you have the option to write down notes about the client or the appointment itself. You can always edit this later once the appointment has been created.


There are two types of notes, client notes & appointment notes.

  • Client notes (on the left side) are always connected to the base information about the client and will always be visible on the client card.

  • Appointment notes (on the right) are notes that are specific to this particular appointment.

Client notes could be something that is characteristic of the client, but appointment notes are often used to track what was done in the appointment itself.

Pro tip 🤩
When you hover over the appointment in the calendar you can see the most important information about the client at a glance - very handy to quickly get context about an upcoming appointment.


Then there are Reminders. They are preselected but you can always unselect them with just one click ✅

  • Emails will go out to your client when an appointment is made.

  • SMS reminders go out at noon the day before the appointment.

Custom fields

Like the notes, you can make a custom field that is connected to the base information as well as the appointment.

If you want to learn more about how custom fields, click here 🤓

Click 'Create appointment'

When you are happy with the appointment and client information, simply press Create appointment at the bottom.

If this was a new client, he has been automatically saved in your client base and will show up in the search when you book the next appointment. An email invite was sent automatically prompting the client to add the appointment to his/her calendar, and an SMS reminder will automatically send the day before the appointment.

That's all for now, but feel free to contact us through the little chat bubble, phone call, or whatever you prefer if you have any questions or need additional help setting up your work schedule. We would love to help you out!

Until next time ❤️

Anna Dís

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