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Keeping client and appointment notes/documentation
Keeping client and appointment notes/documentation

How to keep track of client and appointment details in a way thats simple and easy to access

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In order to provide the best service to your customers, it's important to be able to store and access as much information as possible. Thankfully Noona has got you covered.

In this article i will go over how you can store and access information on your customers and their appointments.

Watch the video here, but if you're not able to then not to worry, we have a written help article below.

Client information

Client information is accessible from your calendar. The clients details appear every time this individual has an appointment with you, or anyone else from your company.

To access the client information, simply press the appointment of the client, and a menu will appear.

On the menu there are 2 columns. The left hand side column is all the client information which will appear whenever this person has an appointment with you.

In the first 4 columns you can find the personal contact details of your client (name, phone number, social ID number *not relevant to UK* and email).

Below the 4 columns there is a section entitled "client notes". In here you can make specific notes that will be important to see every time they have an appointment. An example could be whether they have any allergies, and if so, to what.

You then have the option to enter any relevant files that could be important. An example could be pictures of past appointments.

Appointment information

Appointment information is information about the specific appointment you are clicked on from your calendar, and also past and future appointment information about this particular client.

Just like client information, you can find appointment information by clicking on an appointment from your calendar. You will then see the appointment information on the right (next to the client information).

What will you find in appointment information:

In the appointment information you will be able to find the following:

In the "notes about appointment" section, you will be able to see comments left by clients when booking the appointment online. If the client has left a comment you will see a speech bubble on the top left corner of the appointment box in the calendar. You are able to edit these notes if you need to include something for the record.

Client history

Under appointment notes you will also be able to see client/appointment history. In each appointment you can see the service, staff member, time, and appointment note from that appointment.

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