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How to use client & appointment notes
How to use client & appointment notes
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Including notes about clients or appointments is a wonderful method for keeping track of what was accomplished and any noteworthy details about individual clients.

Client notes

Notes about clients are always visible when you access their appointments, and they serve as fantastic tools for various purposes. Here are some excellent examples of how client notes can be put to use:

  • Jotting down a specific technique that resonated with the client during the appointment.

  • Recalling the ideal color blend that suits this particular client.

  • Remembering personal details about the client, such as hobbies, for their upcoming appointments.

  • Taking note of any specific mentions or preferences shared by the client in their previous visit.

So, how do you go about adding client notes?

There are two simple ways:

  1. Look up the client in the client lists and select their name. Then, on the calendar, choose their appointment. Beneath their email, you'll spot the "Client notes" box. Click on it, add your desired text, and don't forget to save.

  2. Alternatively, directly access the client's appointment on the calendar. Once again, click on the appointment and find the "Client notes" box below the email. Type in your text of choice and remember to save your changes.

Using your phone?

Simply click the appointment → click on the client → add in your note ✅

Appointment notes

If you'd like to jot down particular notes regarding the appointment itself, rather than notes about the client, then appointment notes are the way to go! You'll find these notes section just below the appointment details. Should the client return, you can conveniently access the notes you previously left by simply scrolling to the bottom of the new appointment.

Using your phone?
Simply click the appointment → scroll down → add in your note in the "Notes about appointment" window ✅

Note that clients are not able to view any notes you add in.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any further questions ❤️

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