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How to see and use client history
How to see and use client history
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Learn how you can see all previous and upcoming appointments for your clients, any notes or statuses related to them as well as their purchase history (if you have the Point-of-Sale System)

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Where can I find past and upcoming appointments for certain customers?

There are two ways to see past and upcoming appointments for a specific client:

  1. Search for the client under the client list → select the correct client → on the left you will be able to see past and upcoming appointments, their date, and any appointment notes that might have been made

    ⚡️On the client list you can also see how many appointments each customer has and when their next visit is ⚡️

  2. Click on an appointment on the calendar → scroll all the way down on the right side of the appointment to see past and upcoming visits for that client

    ⚡️ You can also click these past or upcoming appointments to open them up if you want more details about them ⚡️

Where can I see the customer's purchase history?

The purchase history pops up as soon as you check out the client. After clicking the checkout button you will see on the right what products this customer has bought before. This is a great way to remember to ask your clients how they liked the product they previously bought and see if they would like a refill.

This is why if you have the POS system it is good to remember to select the correct client even if that client is only walking in to buy a product, not for an appointment. This is done by going to New Sale → searching for the client → selecting the product → finishing the checkout as usual. This way the product will be added to the client's purchase history.

🚀 Click here to learn more about the Point of Sales system 🚀

I hope this article has helped you out but if not don't hesitate to reach out to us with any further questions or ideas you want to share with us 💗

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