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One of the many benefits of having your booking system and sales system all in one place ✅

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Experience enhanced client management with the Point-of-Sale system, offering a comprehensive view of your clientele within Noona HQ.

Following each appointment, the system presents previously purchased products during the checkout process. This simplifies upselling opportunities and facilitates exceptional customer service. Recognizing that clients frequently struggle to recall specific product names, engaging them in a conversation about their experience with a particular product significantly increases the likelihood of re-purchase.

The list of products a customer has bought before appears under "X has bought before" marked with a red box in the photo below:

Does my customer have to have an appointment for me to add the product to their purchase history?

No, you can also connect a product sale to a customer without having an appointment attached 😍 This is done by going to New sale → select issuer (if there are more than one) → search for the client in the search bar → select the product → finish the checkout as usual

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