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This article lets you know where you can find the purchase history of your clients, be it services, or products!

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Feel free to watch the video below, or continue reading for more detail:

Knowing what your clients have got before is vital in order to carry out the best service possible. Here's how you do it:

As explained in previous help articles, you can see an individual clients service history by clicking on the appointment and scrolling towards the bottom.

You can also go to the "clients" page to see how many appointments a customer has had before and when their next appointment is. This can be useful to see who your top customers are 🏆. See the example below:

But it is also important you remember what products your clients have bought before!

To be able to do this you will need to have the Point of sale power up. To check whether you already have it, or to upgrade, go to settings > subscriptions and then "Point of Sale" will appear under "Your plan". If it isn't then you will need to unlock it 📈.

How to see what products my customers have bought before

Now that you have the Point of Sale power up, you are able to checkout customers from the calendar. You will then have the ability to sell products and add them to the basket.

On the checkout screen you are able to see what products this customer has bought before. This creates a great upselling opportunity!

Now you are able to see exactly what services your clients have had before, and also what products they have bought before.

This knowledge arms you with the tools you need to be at your very best 🚀

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