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Walking through the checkout flow
Walking through the checkout flow
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One of the great advantages of the Point-of-Sales system is how easy and fast the checkout flow is ✨

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How do I checkout my clients?

  1. Simply click the appointment on the calendar

  2. Select the checkout button beside the blue Save button

  3. Now you can choose to add in any product by clicking it and you can also see what the customer has bought before

  4. Once everything has been added click the blue Checkout button

  5. Select the correct payment method

  6. Complete sale

  7. Select Book again if the client would like to book their next appointment or select Close checkout

Now a white checkmark will appear on the appointment indicating that it has been successfully checked out and that the information has been added to your invoices and sales reports.

⚡️ Click here to learn more about the sales reports ⚡️

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