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Client groups are a great way to customise your Noona POS

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Do you happen to offer any special pricing for different types of customers, like regulars, friends, or new customers? Or do your staff members have different pricing for the same services? Utilising client groups can be a fantastic way to tailor your sales system, making it more streamlined and efficient 😄

How do I create a new client group?

There are three ways to create a new client group:

  1. Go to services → click the service you want to add a special price to → + Add price → New client group price → + New client group → add a price to that client group

  2. Go to your calendar → click the appointment of the client you want to add to a client group → Click "Add to client group" → "+ New client group"

  3. Go to your clients list → search for the client you want to add to a certain group → Click "Add to client group" → "+ New client group"

How do I add people to a client group?

You can follow the same steps as shown in ways 2 and 3 here above but instead of clicking "+New client group" you simply select the client group that already exists

How does this make POS more efficient? 🤔

If you have set a special price for the client group the next time you will check out a client in that group the correct price will show up right away ✨
In the gif below, we can see the client Mom ❤️, that is in the client group Family being checked out. The usual price for the service "Haircut - extra long hair" is 20 ISK but since she is in the "Family" group she gets it for 15 ISK.

It is also quick and easy to add a client group price to a service when you checking out that client. Note that this does not automatically add the client to this client group, it just updates the price for this service.

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