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Booking an appointment manually and online
Booking an appointment manually and online

There are a few ways you can create and book an appointment on Noona. Manually, doing it yourself, and through online bookings

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So, as i said there are 2 ways you can book an appointment:

  1. Filling it out manually by clicking an empty space on your calendar.


  2. Enabling online bookings and have your customers book through either

    1. The noona app

    2. The noona website

    3. Your companies website via an iFrame

Creating an appointment manually

The first way you are going to want to create an appointment is by doing it manually, luckily we have made it as easy as possible.

All you have to do is click on an empty space on the calendar and enter the client details, then choose the service you want, and boom, appointment created ✅

The client will then receive an email notifying them of the newly booked appointment, and the day before the appointment they will receive a text reminder 📲

Now that the basics are done, time to really take your business to the next level 🚀

Booking through online bookings

In order to have online bookings set up, you need to enable it by going to "online bookings" on the left hand side menu bar, and follow the steps there.

Once that is done, it will be good for you to see how your customers can book with you, luckily it's incredibly simple. Let's show you how its done!

The great thing about the Noona app is that it is loyalty focussed. We want your customers to be able to book as easily as possible with the companies they love, so we remember what they had last time so they can rebook what they got at the touch of a button.

First they will need to go to Noona app or website. If they have previously favourited your companies profile then it will appear as soon as they open the app/website. They will then go through the usual bookings process:

It really is as easy as that! The appointment will then instantaneously appear on your calendar.


You also have the ability to control who can and cant book with you. You can enable screening. This means that when booking, people will only be able to request an appointment.

When this happens you will get a notification saying "... has requested a booking" and you can either accept or deny it. The appointment will appear grey in your calendar until you have clicked on it and accepted or denied. They will then receive a text message notifying them that the appointment has been accepted or declined.

Heres how it will look:

When seeing this you simply click on the grey appointment and accept or deny it:

Now sit back, relax, and watch your calendar fill up 🚀

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