How to set up online bookings

How to set up your online bookings so that your customers can book with you

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This article outlines how to set up your online bookings so that customers can book with you. Saving the both of you time and effort.

Your online bookings profile can be accessed by your customers in 3 different ways:

Before you set up your online bookings make sure the following is done:

  • All your services and resources are filled in

  • All your staff members have been added

  • All the your blocked times are added in

Now all of these have been completed, let's get to it!

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Opening times

First, enter you opening times. These opening hours do not affect when people can book with you.

They're only there to let your clients know when your business is normally open.

For example, when you click to close Saturdays, people can still book with you on Saturdays unless Saturdays are blocked in your calendar. Learn how to use blocked times by reading the article about setting up your work scedule.


Customise the security

When a client is booking through Noona or your website, you'll need some information about him. Both name and phone is required, but you can choose if you would like to get the email, social ID number or license plate number.

  • Email: Can be great if you would like Noona to send an email when your client has booked an appointment.

  • Social ID number

  • License plate number: Great if you have a car repair shop.

When is it alright for your clients to make, move or cancel an appointment ?

Here you can set up your client's online booking behavior so it fit your needs.

For example, how many days in advance you would like it to be possible to book and how many minutes before the appointment it is alright for your client to book.

Here is where you can also set the rules of how long in advance your clients have to cancel or move their appointment.

A few more security settings

Here, you can pick the way you want to allow online bookings.

  • If you want to allow online bookings without any comfirmation on your side then check: Allow online bookings without staff member having to confirm it

  • If you want to allow clients to book over another appiontment that has been canceled then check: Allow online bookings over appointments that have been canceled

Services, staff and resources

Next up it to set up what services, staff members and resources you want to display on Noona.


Here, you can pick what services you want to be displayed on Noona and also customize them like you want!

  • You can pick an image for the sevice

  • Set a unique description, confirmation message and a booking question

  • Select what staff member are performing the service

  • Select if you want Noona to randomly select the staff member for your clients, or if you would like to allow your client to select a preferred staff member.


So when you are setting up your staff on Noona there are two main things you will need to know:

  1. How to make your staff member available for online bookings

  2. How to customize the interval for your bookings

How to make your staff member available for online bookings and how to customize the interval for your bookings

When choosing the intervals, you are customizing on what time slots you'd want the appointments to book.

Here you'll see how 60 minutes intervals (Lisa) would look like and then 30 minutes intervals (Anna).


Where do you want your company to be available for online bookings?

  • Web address. Click the bar to change the name in the link.

  • Noona. Check here if you want to be on the Noona marketplace.

  • Online bookings on your website. Check here if you want your clients to be able to make online bookings on your own website.

  • Confirmation message. Use this opportunity for your company to start building a customer relationship that lasts beyond.

  • Confirmation Page. Optional link that opens up in a new browser window when a customer makes an online booking. Is great if you use Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel.

    Finally, the last step!

    Click Activate online booking and you're all done 🙌 🎉 🏆

    Pride yourself for getting to the end of this guide!
    Now you can just sit back and watch your business grow with Noona 📈

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