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How to set your availability for online bookings
How to set your availability for online bookings

Set your availability so that people can only book when you want them to

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Setting your availability for online bookings is one of the main things to do before you set your profile live. Lucky for you, its incredibly easy to do!

Here's how:

The only way to make sure your clients don't book with you over a certain time is by creating a blocked time. To learn how you can create these Blocked Times, check out this article.

Blocked times.

On this calendar you will see that Mondays are completely blocked off, and that Wednesday from 14:00 until closing time (18:00) are blocked off. This means that anyone using online bookings will not be able to book with you in these hours.

These black things that are blocking the calendar are called Blocked times.

Guiding Opening Hours

When activating your online bookings, you will be asked to fill in the following table. Do keep in mind that this is just guiding opening hours to be shown on your online profile.

It will NOT prohibit someone from booking with you during these times.

If you want support setting up your online bookings profile, click here!

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