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Set your work schedule
Set your work schedule

In this article, you'll learn how to customize your work schedule with our main tools, opening hours, and blocked times.

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By default, your calendar is completely open.

No worries, your clients can not book with you unless you turn on online bookings, which you can learn to do here.

However, In Noona HQ, you have two tools to control when clients can book an appointment with you (if you are planning on offering your clients to book with you online).

These two tools are:

  1. Changing the "length" of the calendar

  2. Creating blocked times in the calendar

Together, they can give you a lot of control and flexibility. In this article, you'll learn to set up your schedule so it completely fits your needs.

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1. Changing the calendar length and editing opening hours

The basic principle of opening hours is that clients can only book with you where there is an available slot in your calendar. Available slots are white. Since clients cannot book appointments outside of your calendar (the gray area), the first thing you can do to control your opening hours is to change when you open and when you close. You can change this by going to SettingsCalendar under Schedule.

There, you can change default opening hours, as well as change other things related to your calendar such as the "zoom" level or dividing the calendar 'units' into x minutes.

Once you click save and go back to the calendar, you will see the changes in the calendar length, division, and zoom level 🌈

On to the next step...

2. How to create a blocked time

Okay, so now your default opening hours are set, but what about weekends, vacations, lunch, or if you have different work schedules between days or staff members?

The answer to this question is blocked times

Creating your first blocked time

To create a blocked time, you select where you want the blocked time to start, and then click the "Create blocked time" button. From there, you can control the blocked time length, add a description, and repetition, and even create the same blocked time for other staff members.

Making a blocked time repeatable (most asked question)

Not working on weekends? No problem, make your blocked time repeatable for both Saturdays and Sundays ✨

Instead of going and picking the starting time or ending time, you can simply click All-day, and then the system will automatically pick the whole day 😍

Making the same blocked time for more than one staff member ✌️

There is a staff meeting and you want all of your staff to be there? Or maybe just some specific staff members?

Why blocked times are powerful

This simple tool gives you a lot of flexibility to control your days. Let's take a look at some examples:

  1. If you're taking a vacation, simply create a blocked time that repeats every day until you come back home.

  2. If you work at another location every other week, create a blocked time that repeats every other week on all weekdays.

  3. If you don't accept appointments on Sundays, just create an all-day blocked time on Sundays that repeats every week.

You are in complete control. You can even choose to book appointments over blocked times if you ever want to squeeze someone in (like family members).

If you would like to deeply dive into how the blocked times work, click here.

That's all for now, but feel free to contact us through the little chat bubble, phone call, or whatever you prefer if you have any questions or need additional help setting up your work schedule. We would love to help you out!

Until next time ❤️

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