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Make your services stand out on Noona with exciting descriptions and photos

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Did you know that customizing your services on Noona can transform your customer's experience? 🤩🙌 Not only does it add a sprinkle of excitement to their journey, but it also helps them grasp the service better, ensuring they know exactly what kind of appointment they're making 📆💁‍♀️ Embrace the power of personalization on Noona and let the magic begin! ✨💫

Where can I customize my services?

To get started, head over to Online BookingsServices, staff and resources. There, you'll find all of your services, just waiting for you to unleash their online booking potential! 😍 Take your time to browse through and handpick the ones you'd like to offer for online bookings.

When you're ready to work your magic, simply click on "edit" and behold! 👀✨ You'll discover a whole world of possibilities where you can customize every detail of how your service will appear on Noona 🌈💫

How do I customize my services?

We have some recommendations to ensure your services shine brighter than ever! 🌟💫

First things first, let's talk about adding a captivating photo to your services. It's a fantastic way to showcase the unique atmosphere and essence of each service. Plus, if your service has an adjective in its name, the photo can help bring that adjective to life! For example, imagine a service called "Haircut for long hair" – a photo can beautifully illustrate the exact length of hair we mean by "long." 📏✂️ It's all about making that visual impact! 💇‍♀️💥

Now, let's dive into the magical realm of service descriptions 🎩 Sometimes, a single sentence just doesn't do justice to everything your service offers. That's where a detailed explanation in the description comes to the rescue! ✨ It's the perfect place to share all the intricate details, and even highlight important information like age restrictions or any pre-booking preparations. Let your customers know what to expect and get them even more excited!

Here you can also decide to assign staff members, resources, or both to your services. You have the power to define who and what can make these magical experiences happen!

And don't forget the confirmation message, dear friend! 💌💬 While you can set a general one for all services under "Visibility," this is your chance to sprinkle some extra magic for customers booking this specific service. Let them know any special details or surprises they should anticipate! ✨🎉

But wait, there's more! At the bottom, you'll find the mighty booking question. It's a mandatory inquiry that customers must answer before confirming their appointment 🗝️ Under "Security," you can collect essential information for every booking. But here, it's your chance to ask an additional question tailored to this specific service! Get creative and gather good insights like "Have you been to this service before?" or "Is there something special you'd like us to focus on?" 🤔✨

And remember, my adventurous friend, you can always click "View profile" to witness the magic unfolding on the captivating Noona app! 📲✨ Prepare to be dazzled by how everything comes together! 🌟💖

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If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to us through the chat bubble 💬❤️

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