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How to import data from other systems into Noona HQ
How to import data from other systems into Noona HQ
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Data importing

If you're migrating to Noona HQ from another appointment system, you might have a lot of data that you want to bring with you:

  1. Previous appointments

  2. Clients

  3. Services

  4. Products

The good news is that if you can export all of this information into an Excel or .csv document, we can import it into Noona HQ for you!


Importing is a new feature, so for now you have to get help from customer support to do it.

We can help you import appointments, customers, services and products.
You only have to supply the data in an Excel document or a .csv doc.

Here you can see examples of how the documents could be structured. They don't need to look just the same, but the more information we can get, the easier it will be.

Just contact us and we'll help you all the way to the finish line!

Looking forward hearing from you 🤩

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