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Forgot your password?
Forgot your password?
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If you can't log in for any reason, you don't have to worry. You can fix it in a jiffy.
So, did you forget your password or the email address connected to your account?

If you forgot your password, go to the log-in page and click: "Forgot password?" Then, simply enter the email address connected to your account as shown here below.

Then, go to your email inbox and you'll find that we've sent you a link to create a new password. My email is in Icelandic because I'm located in Iceland 😅
But regardless of the language of the email, you have to click the button at the bottom of the email.

Create your new password

Create your new password, preferably something long and safe and something you can remember (or not, if you use a password manager, which we highly recommend). Your mother's sister's dog's name perhaps? Or maybe the name of your favourite Teletubby? Is it Tinkywinky?

Now you should be secure inside your Noona HQ account. If there's anything else, feel free to reach out!

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