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Custom Fields - Personalise Notes
Custom Fields - Personalise Notes

Personalise your client and appointment notes to suit the individual needs of your business

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Custom Fields are a great new way to choose how to see the information you need.

Feel free to watch the video below, or read the help article below that!

Custom fields are a great way to personalize the information you want, in the format you choose. You can add more customizable information about clients, or the appointment itself.

Here is an example of how custom fields work in action:

As said before, you can choose what information to keep from your clients, and in the format you want.

In the GIF below, you can see how a custom field is made.

You are able to decide what information you want to have available (in the example below I used "occupation") and how you want to format it (in the example below I used "short text")

Explaining the different formatting options

There are 4 different formatting options for custom fields:

  • Short text: One line to enter a few words.

  • Long text: A bigger box to fit a small paragraph in.

  • Select: The ability to enter pre-made options to choose from. You can only pick one

  • Options: the ability to enter pre-made options to choose from. You can pick as many as you want

Here they are in action:

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