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How to Check Out a Product Without an Appointment
How to Check Out a Product Without an Appointment

Find out how to check out a product for people popping in without an appointment

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For those of you who have products alongside your services, sometimes people might just show up unannounced because they can't resist stocking up on your amazing goodies. So, every now and then, they might pop into your store without an appointment. But no worries, it's super easy to handle these spontaneous visitors!

Firstly, to sell your irresistible products, you'll need to have the Point of Sale Power-Up. Once you've got it, you'll unlock the fantastic rewards that come with selling your awesome stuff

How to check out a product without an appointment

Start on your calendar page. At the bottom right you will see a "New sale" button.

Once you do that you will be taken to the checkout screen.

Now you just add products like normal!

Simply click the products you would like to checkout, press check out, select payment method, then your all set! Products added and checked out in just a few clicks.

If you have connected a payment terminal then you will also need to select the issuer.

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