What are Resources?

This article explains what resources are and how you can add them

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Resources are things that can carry out services that aren't staff members (aka not people). An example of a resource could be a tanning bed. Tanning beds can carry out a service such as a "30-minute tanning" session, which doesn't involve a staff member, yet needs a tanning bed to be free. Watch this video or read the article below.

To add a resource click the "Resources" tab on the left-hand side menu bar under "Home".

You then click "New resource" on the right-hand side of the page and enter the details.

Simply enter the name and description if you wish.

After that, it is important to select which services require a resource to carry it out, or a staff member... or both!

To do this just click on "Customize services" and select which services are carried out by this resource.

You can also do this in the "online bookings" section under "Services, Staff & Resources".

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