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How do I make a personal invoice
How do I make a personal invoice

Having your personal invoice is ideal when you are self-employed and working in a business.

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If you are self employed working under another's business then you will need to make a personal invoice that is billed for you rather than the business you are working under.

IMPORTANT: You must have unlocked the Point of Sale Power-up to add personal invoices.

How to create your own invoice

To create a personal invoice, firstly make sure you are logged into Noona on the correct account.

Then go to settings and under the "Sales" section there is a "My personal invoices" tab. When you click that you will be asked to fill in your personal details.

After entering the details and saving it, every time you check out an appointment on your Noona account, this invoice will be used. Other staff members will continue to use the company invoice until they go through these steps and create their own invoice.

How can you view it?

When you go to your reports in the "Sales" section, under "invoices" you can view all the invoices. Here you can see the issuer of each invoice under the "Issuer" column. For those who have not created a personal invoice, the issuer will be the company name, but for the staff that have created their own personal invoice, you can see their name.

To view your own invoices

To view invoices specific to an individual issuer, on the invoices page go to "advanced search," click on "Issuer," and choose the desired issuer whose invoices you wish to see. You can download the list but only if you are viewing Noona HQ on a browser like Google Chrome or Safari.

See below for a short video guide.

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